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How To Use Fish Nets On Hay Day

Hello Hay Day lovers, if you are wondering how to use the fish nets on Hay Day then you are in the right place.

Fish nets are a great way to catch a lot of fish at one time. Though it takes a lot longer to catch the fish then just buy using a fishing pole you can catch a lot more at any given time.

To use the fishing nets on Hay Day you have to unlock the net maker by reaching a farm level of 30. The net maker costs 28,000 coins to build and it comes with two net maker spots.

Once it’s built you have the option of either producing the regular fishing net which is free to produce or the mystery net which will cost you 5 diamonds.

The regular fishing net takes 4 hours to produce while the mystery net only takes 3 hours. When the nets are ready you tap them to put them in your tackle box.

To drop the fishing nets in the water just click on the water spot you want to use and tap on the net you want.

The nets take 20 hours to catch fish, so you have to wait awhile; however, you can get a lot of fish this way.

After 20 hours just click on the nets to collect the fish you have caught. Then tap on the net to collect all the fish.

It’s that easy! We hope this has helped you learn how to fish with the fish nets on Hay Day. Good luck with your next fishing excursion.

Hay Day Hot Dog Stand

The Hay Day Hot Dog stand is a new production machine that can obviously make hot dogs on the farm.

This production machine was released into the game from the latest Hay Day update. Right now, the Hot Dog stand is the highest level machine to get.

In order to start producing hot dogs from this machine you have to have a farm level of 75.

Right now, we have to wait to get to level 75 but for those that are already there, have fun using this new Hay Day production machine.

Hay Day Update New Pasta Maker & Hot Dog Stand

We have a new Hay Day update that was just released and you should notice a couple new things along with it.

The first thing we noticed with this update is the new production machines, the Pasta Maker and the Hot Dog Stand. This is an awesome addition to the other farming production machines.

Other big hit items include a new Pinscher puppy and a Calico kitten in addition to new animations.

Hay Day also made improvements to the Derby and made new farm area expansions. We can’t wait to download this new update and start playing Hay Day.

What is your favorite new feature added to this update? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Hay Day Neighborhood Derby Cheats

Hey guys, there is a new Hay Day event added to the game from the recent update called the Neighborhood Derby.

The Neighborhood Derby is a great way for you and the players in your neighborhood to collect great rewards by completing Derby Tasks.

Derby Tasks work just like other normal activities just as completing boat orders or truck orders. You just click on the Neighborhood Derby, pick a task and complete it.

hay day neighborhood derby

Once your neighborhood completes enough Derby tasks you will unlock a column of horseshoes which will reveal great prizes for all of you.

Your are also competing against other neighborhoods and if you finish in the top you will get even greater rewards at the end.

If you love receiving rewards then you need to participate in the Neighborhood Derby. You have to be a level 31 to unlock the Neighborhood.

New Hay Day Update The Neighborhood Derby

I love when new Hay Day updates come out because we always get something new from it and this time it is a new Neighborhood Derby.

The new Neighborhood Derby is an event that takes place in your neighborhood. Now you can claim and complete Derby stand tasks to increase you own neighborhood score on Hay Day.

Tasks work just like any other normal activity on Hay Day so its truly a win win for you. For completing these Derby Tasks you will receive awesome awards for both friendly and cooperative events.

Also in the new Hay Day Update are new pets which include a kitty and puppy.  There are also new production Machine and Products which is the new Hat maker to make hats.

Some other stuff included in this Hay Day update are new decorations in the shop and the Spin the Wheel, and now your level increases with every building in Town.

We are very excited for this new update. Please let us know what you think of this update by leaving a comment below.