Hay Day Neighborhood Roles

Even though the neighborhood on Hay Day is a feature where every player works together to reach their goals, there are certain roles to help manage the entire group.

Below are all the different Hay Day neighborhood roles that you can fall into.

Leaders – Leaders are players who have the ability to invite and edit the entire neighborhood and this is because they are the ones who actually created the neighborhood in the first place. Even though they are in charge of the group, they do have the option to step down and give the co-leader the responsibility.

Let’s not forget that leaders also have the ability to trash a Derby task. Once the leader has trashed a task another one will appear shortly after.

Co-Leaders – Co-Leaders are appointed by the leader or other Co-Leaders and are second in command to the leader. These group of players have the same ability of the leader; however, they can’t demote or kick out the leader but can kick out or demote elders and members.

These group of players can also trash Derby tasks.

Elders – Elders are what holds the entire Hay Day neighborhood together. They are in charge of making sure the neighborhood is respectful and acting nicely towards each other. They have the ability of sending out invitations and accepting requests.

They can too trash Derby tasks.

Members – Members don’t have any special roles in the neighborhood rather than being part of the group. All they do is help work with the group of finishing tasks, and joining in on the discussions in the chat. ┬áMembers can be promoted from the Leader and or Co-Leader if they wish to take on more tasks.

Note, if the Leader leaves the neighborhood without promoting a new leader, the Co-Leader who has been there the longest will automatically be promoted to the Leader.


How To Create a Neighborhood On Hay Day

Have you noticed the non repaired house accross the street on Hay Day, well this is your neighborhood’s house.

At level 18 on Hay Day you can spend money to repair the neighborhood house in which you can either create your own neighborhood from there or join one that is already built.

Look below and follow the proper steps to create your own Hay Day Neighborhood!

Creating a Neighborhood on Hay Day

For only 500 coins you can create your own neighborhood on hay Day. The first thing you need to do is come up with a name. Make sure you take your time and find the best name for your neighborhood as you can’t change this once it is set up.

hay day neighborhood

Next, you can choose an emblem you like to represent your neighborhood, and last but not least you get to choose what time of neighborhood you prefer.

There are three types of neighborhoods:

“anyone can join” which means that people don’t need your permission to join your neighborhood.

“request only” which means that other farmers will have to first send you a request to join your neigborhood, you can accept or deny.

“invite only” this means that only the farmers on Hay Day that get invited by you can join your neighborhood. Keep in mind that you can only send invitations via Facebook and Game Center to friends that are visible on your friends’ bar.

Alright Hay Day farmers, now you can create your own Hay Day neighborhood and start competing in the Derby events! Good luck!

How To Use Fish Nets On Hay Day

Hello Hay Day lovers, if you are wondering how to use the fish nets on Hay Day then you are in the right place.

Fish nets are a great way to catch a lot of fish at one time. Though it takes a lot longer to catch the fish then just buy using a fishing pole you can catch a lot more at any given time.

To use the fishing nets on Hay Day you have to unlock the net maker by reaching a farm level of 30. The net maker costs 28,000 coins to build and it comes with two net maker spots.

Once it’s built you have the option of either producing the regular fishing net which is free to produce or the mystery net which will cost you 5 diamonds.

The regular fishing net takes 4 hours to produce while the mystery net only takes 3 hours. When the nets are ready you tap them to put them in your tackle box.

To drop the fishing nets in the water just click on the water spot you want to use and tap on the net you want.

The nets take 20 hours to catch fish, so you have to wait awhile; however, you can get a lot of fish this way.

After 20 hours just click on the nets to collect the fish you have caught. Then tap on the net to collect all the fish.

It’s that easy! We hope this has helped you learn how to fish with the fish nets on Hay Day. Good luck with your next fishing excursion.

New Hay Day Update The Neighborhood Derby

I love when new Hay Day updates come out because we always get something new from it and this time it is a new Neighborhood Derby.

The new Neighborhood Derby is an event that takes place in your neighborhood. Now you can claim and complete Derby stand tasks to increase you own neighborhood score on Hay Day.

Tasks work just like any other normal activity on Hay Day so its truly a win win for you. For completing these Derby Tasks you will receive awesome awards for both friendly and cooperative events.

Also in the new Hay Day Update are new pets which include a kitty and puppy.  There are also new production Machine and Products which is the new Hat maker to make hats.

Some other stuff included in this Hay Day update are new decorations in the shop and the Spin the Wheel, and now your level increases with every building in Town.

We are very excited for this new update. Please let us know what you think of this update by leaving a comment below.

How To Gain Reputation On Hay Day

Gaining reputation points on Hay Day is a big part of the game. It not only makes your farm more popular but you can also unlock specialty items the more reputation points you have.

So how does reputation on Hay Day work? Well, Hay Day reputation is earned from in town as the player like yourself satisfies any visitor that comes to your place.

hay day reputation points

Reputation is a unique aspect of the game in which helps unlock items and achievements. The reputation points are in the form of red hearts followed by a bar to fill up found at the top of your Hay Day playing screen.

Once you fill up the bar with Hay Day reputation points you will start over and move up one reputation level. Each level will unlock different service buildings, decorations etc.

Hay Day also gives you bonuses for moving up reputation levels. For example, they will give you one diamond per new level from level 3 and on. At level 5, Hay Day will give you 5 diamonds for each new level, and from levels 10 to 20 they will give you 10 diamonds for each new level.

This is why its important to have a higher reputation level because of all the extra bonuses you can get from the game.

Unfortunately, you can’t get any reputation points until you unlock the town at level 34. If you are not a level 34 then keep working your way up to it and eventually you will be able to gain reputation points.