New Hay Day Beeswax Update Coming Soon

Great news for all of you Hay Day players out there. Hay Day just announced that there is a new update coming soon which will bring Beeswax to the game.

We love hearing about new Hay Day updates because that means there are some new cool game features to check out and in this case its the beeswax.

hay day beeswax update

When the update is here you will be able to produce the Beeswax into honey by using the new Honey Extractor.

We can’t wait for this new update to come! This one was surprising because Hay Day just came out with an update to the game a couple weeks ago.

Stay tuned everyone for when the update comes. It should be here within a couple of days. Until then keep having fun growing your farm.

Are you guys just as excited as us for this new update? We love honey and now we will be able to make our own. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

River Boat Season Event 2

Hey Hay Day players, it is River Boat Season again and that means you get 2x the points for filling a boat order.

hay day boat

Tourism and boat season is at its peak right now and Hay Day is rewarding you with double the coins for completing a crate and double vouchers when you complete the entire boat order.

This is a great way to earn a lot of coins if you don’t have many. We just spent 35,000 coins on repairing our boat so you can count on us making as many boat deliveries as possible.

Make sure to not only complete your orders but help out your friends that are in need as well. They would love your help!

Let us know how many boat orders you completed during the season by leaving a comment below.

Hay Day Lure Fishing Season

Every so often, Hay Day has the Lure Fishing Season challenge in which your goal is to catch as many fish as you can in a given amount of time.

hay day fishing lure season

The challenge is based on the total weight of fish that you can catch by using a lure. There are some monster sized fish that have been spotted in the river. Can you catch one of them?

Try to catch all the fish to complete your entire collection. The more fish you catch the more prizes you can win on Hay Day.

Along with achieving your personal fishing goals, all the fish you catch will also help towards the community global goal.

If you help reach the global goal by catching fish you will also be rewarded with prizes. Head over to Hay Day right now to participate in the Hay Day Lure Fishing season.

Remember, you have to be a level 27 farm in order to fish from the river. It costs 30,000 coins to fix the boat in the river so you have to save up the money.

How good of a fisher are you on Hay Day? How many fish have you caught so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

How To Get Marker Stakes On Hay Day

A Marker Stake on Hay Day is a rare item needed to expand your farm, fishing area and town. Many people have been asking how to get Marker Stakes on Hay Day so we are going to show you a few tips for you to use.

hay day marker stakes

These tips will better your chance at getting Marker Stakes so you can expand your farm or fishing area. Everyone wants to keep building on to there farm but the one thing standing in your way is a Marker Stake.

Like any other rare item, it can be difficult to acquire a Marker Stake so you always need to keep a look out.

One way you can get a Marker Stake is by harvesting crops. Since wheat is the fastest crop to harvest we suggest you to plant a bunch of wheat all at once and harvest it. This way you can keep getting free items quickly and hopefully one of them will be a Hay Day Marker Stake.

If you plan on harvesting a lot of wheat all at once, you will have to sell it at your roadside shop or use it to build different items such as feed or bread. Otherwise, you will have to much and it will take up all your space in the silo.

Another way to get Marker Stakes on Hay Day is to keep an eye on the newspaper ads. Often, other players will sell a rare item like this in the newspaper ads to get some quick cash.

We don’t recommend you to use your diamonds to buy Marker Stakes because this is just a waste. Instead, wait patiently for the Marker Stakes and keep saving your diamonds for something more important.

How To Get Bolts On Hay Day

Bolts are a very important item in Hay Day if you are looking to expand your barn and grocery store. Simply put, if you don’t have any Hay Day bolts you will not be able to expand your farm.

hay day bolt

In Hay Day you may notice that it is easier to get certain items; however, we regret to tell you that bolts are not one of them.

There are several ways you can get bolts on Hay Day but remember that they are still considered a rare item so you may not get one for a long time.

Three ways you can acquire a bolt is either by harvesting crops, purchasing them from the roadside shop or buy them with your diamonds.

To speed up the process of harvesting crops plant a bunch of wheat because they only take 2 minutes to harvest. If you do this, you will need to sell the wheat in your roadside shop or it will take up to much space in your silo.

You should always be looking in the newspaper ads for rare items like the Hay Day bolt. Another player may have extra bolts in which he or she will sell them in the newspaper. We have bought a few rare items buy constantly looking in the newspaper ads.

We don’t recommend you to use your diamonds to buy bolts on Hay Day but if you really need to then go ahead and do it. You can always get more diamonds by watching videos or by downloading our Hay Day Diamonds Hack.

You can also get a bolt randomly in the mystery box. Mystery boxes appear in a random location on your farm and other players’ farms through out the game. Just press on the box to open it. Who knows, you may just get lucky and get a bolt!

Like we said, Hay Day bolts are very rare to come by but if you stick to these three tips you should have no problem getting some for your farm. Good luck my fellow Hay Day players.