How To Delete Friends On Hay Day

Is your friends list on Hay Day full but you would like to follow other farms instead? If so we are going to show you how to delete friends on Hay Day so you can make new ones.

You may want to delete friends for several reasons. For example, if you are following a farm but they don’t play anymore you don’t want them on your list. It is time to delete them to make room for a new farm or friend.

delete friends on hay day

How To Delete Friends On Hay Day

To delete a friend on Hay Day is not that difficult once you know where to look. You should notice that the farms you are following have a blue frame around them in your friends list in the game. Click on the farm that you don’t want to follow or that you want to delete. Once you are visiting the farm, click on the bookmark button at the top of the page right next to their farm name.

A message box should appear saying that you have just unfollowed this farm. If you want to permanently delete friends who are no longer playing Hay Day then you need to remove them using the Game Center or by Facebook, depending on what app you used to add them in the first place.

Like we said, there is not much to it. We hope this has helped you learn how to delete friends on Hay Day to open up your friends list.

How To Make Pancakes On Hay Day

Learning how to make pancakes on Hay Day is actually very easy to do. There are a couple requierments that you need to meet before you can make them though. You don’t need to be an expert to make pancakes, you just need to know the ingredients.

How To Make Pancakes On Hay Day

To make pancakes you need to buy the BBQ Grill. I am not sure why in this game you need the grill to make pancakes because I have never heard of anyone making pancakes on the grill. However, in this game you do. The BBQ Grill can only be unlocked when you are a level 9 so that means you need to spend time leveling up first.

hay day pancakes

Once you have the grill the cooking process is very easy. It will take you about 30 minutes to make the pancakes and you will need 3 eggs and one brown sugar. After 30 minutes you can enjoy your freshly made pancakes.

I hope this helped you learn how to make pancakes on Hay day. Make sure to check out our Hay Day cheats page to get free diamonds.

How To Add Friends On Hay Day

Do you want to play with your friends on Hay Day? We sure do so we are going to show you how to invite friends. There are several ways on how to add friends on Hay Day but its not the easiest thing to do so we are going to show you how to do that.

how to add friends on hay day

Add Friends on Hay Day

If you want to add friends on Hay Day first check out our Be Friends On Hay Day page. Here you can submit your username on Hay Day for others to add you as a friend. You can also add others from this page that have submitted their username as well.

The first way to add friends on hay day is to follow other farms while playing. Now these farms may not be friends of yours; however, you can make friends by following each other. The more farms you follow the more that will follows yours. If you want to make new friends quickly then follow others right away and interact with them. You can only follow 5 different farms right now so choose the right ones.

You can also add friends on Hay Day by using your facebook. One of the benefits from connecting Hay Day to Facebook is adding friends. You can easily add friends with a couple of clicks.

One last way to add friends is to use your Game Center on your device. Connect to your Game Center on your device and add your friends to play with you. It is very easy to do, anyone can do it.

How To Get Duct Tape In Hay Day

Learning how to get duct tape in Hay Day is not an easy task because there isn’t one specific way to get it in this game. Duct tape can be used for many different things including leveling up your barn. Take a look below to see how to get duct tape in Hay Day.

how do you get duct tape on hay day

Duct Tape Hay Day

To increase your chance of getting duct tape, plant over 17 wheat in your field and let it grow. When it is ready to harvest collect all of your wheat as fast as you can. This will give you a reward of a building material after it is collected. It may not be duct tape so don’t get frustrated if its not. Just try this process again until you get it.

You can also look in mystery boxes around the Hay Day game. The more mystery boxes you find and open the more likely you are to get duct tape to upgrade your barn.

The place where I like to look for duct tape is on the Roadside shops. Some players will have extra duct tape and will have it for sale. You may have to purchase the duct tape Hay Day at a premium; however, it may be worth it depending on your situation.

To make sure you have enough diamonds or coins on Hay Day to purchase materials check out our Free Coins On Hay Day page.

If you have extra materials such as duct tape you can also try selling them on the Roadside shop market to make some extra money. Just make sure you are not short of any materials by selling it to others.

Hay Day Diamonds Hack

The Hay Day Diamonds hack is ready for you to download. This is a hack just to get diamonds to use on Hay Day to spend on different items and farm materials. If you want to know some cheats to get diamonds check out ourĀ Hay Day cheatsĀ page.

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Free Hay Day Diamonds Hack

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Coins are the main currency on Hay Day; however, diamonds are more valuable and you can use them to your advantage. With diamonds you can have and buy any farm materials you want. You will be able to grow you farm in no time. You can still mine for your own diamonds but the hack will give you an extra supply of them if you need them.

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