Hay Day Halloween Pumpkin Event

It is Halloween season and Hay Day is celebrating it with their new Hay Day Halloween Pumpkin event.

This event is similar to others in that they need your help to fill special orders. As you have probably guessed it, this event involves pumpkins.

hay day halloween pumpkin event

The demand for Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Soup is very high right now and they need you to help fill the orders. Halloween has everyone wanting these two products but there are not enough people making them to fill the demand.

To participate, make Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin soup and then click on the event board to fill the order. You will be payed for your time and for the items.

You will also get special prizes for filling your personal event goals. To reach the first milestone you need to make at least 5 of the pies or soups.

Good luck with your orders and we hope that you contribute to the global community so everyone can get free prizes. We love Halloween and are participating in this event.

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