Hay Day New Update 1.17.94

There is a new Hay Day update for all of you Hay Day players. This Hay Day update was a big one to with lots of changes.

There has been several updates to Hay Day already but this one is even bigger.Below is a list of all the changes that were made to the game and I think your going to like some of them.

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Hay Day Update

The biggest feature in this update that you will like is the land expansion. You can now expand your farms to be even bigger then before. That sounds amazing. How big is your farm?

What Else Is New With Hay Day

The Smoothie Mixer production machine now lets you create healthy green, yogurt and berry smoothies. Yummie!

The Andalusian pet donkey completes the beloved donkey family. Some even say she might be the most curious of your farm animals so please forgive her if this occasionally tires her out.

You also get more decorations to customize your own farm even more, including rose fences to keep your animals in and they come in six different colors. Also, four different new paths and a new rose arch.

Even More Changes

If you want to learn about someone and their farm all you have to do is visit them and click on their neighborhood house. You can also request to joni the neighborhood here as well. The last part of the update to share with you is that now the message counter on the chat will always show you the correct amount of messages.

Stay tuned here as they say the next Hay Day update is going to be the biggest in Hay Day history. We will have it right here so make sure to come back often and see what else is new.

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  1. putheana says:

    i want to hack hay day

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