Truck Delivery Bonus Event September 5

Hey all you Hay Day gamers. There is a special event this weekend on Hay Day and it is the Truck Delivery Bonus. What this event means is that you can earn double the reward you would receive by completing truck deliveries.

hay day truck delivery bonus

You have just over 3 days to complete as many truck deliveries as you can. Right now there is a shortage in town and they need your help to deliver special items.

This event will give you double coin rewards for every delivery. To find an order that needs filled click on the pin board in front of the house. There will be a bunch of different orders for you to complete.

If you have unlocked the boat orders don’t forget to keep filling those as well because you can get a lot of points by completing consecutive orders as well. The more orders you fill the more money you will get and the higher you will get on the leader boards.

Well, don’t wait any longer. Login to Hay Day and start completing those truck orders so you can bank some real coin.

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