Hay Day Visitor Bonus Event 1

Every weekend, Hay Day puts on a special event and this weekend we have another good one for all of you Hay Day players. This weekend is the Visitor Bonus event.

This event pushes you to meet and add friends and to bring visitors to your farm because you can get double the price.

hay day visitor bonus

The Visitor bonus means that the organic food is in style and people who come to your farm are willing to pay double the price for it.

For each organic product that you sell you will earn double the coins for it. That means you should start producing products that you can sell for a lot of coins.

I don’t know about you, but I have already started producing stuff so I can make a lot of money this week. Once you have something you want to sell don’t forget to put on sale at your roadside shop.

You can also advertise your items as well to get people to come to your farm. Right now this would be a great strategy for you to do.

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