How Do You Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

Are you finding yourself running out of space and need more land on Hay Day. Well, don’t worry because we are going to show you how do you get land deeds in Hay Day.

Once you reach level 22 you can unlock land deeds to expand you land. You really shouldn’t have to expand your land before you reach this level because Hay Day gives you a good amount of land to start with.

land deed hay day

Once you reach the point where you need to get land deeds you have to find a certain amount of supplies to purchase more land for each section. You can find such supplies by harvesting or by purchasing them from other players.

These supplies include mallets, land deeds and marker stakes. Expansion supplies are found by collecting and harvesting or even found in lock boxes. Sometimes they are also for sale; however, these can be very expensive.

How Do You Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

If you want to expand land in towns then you have to find either the mallets, land deeds and marker stakes and have to get enough map peices.

You can get land deeds three different ways. Find them while collecting, harvesting or even in boxes. Again, you can try to buy them from other players but this may be an expensive way.

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10 Responses to How Do You Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

  1. jinichi says:

    Need land deed , marker, mallet in free

  2. NASRA says:

    I need Land Deeds pls

  3. mike says:

    I need 20 land deeds. Is there anyone that can sell the land deeds to me? Thanks

  4. rose sah says:

    YES, I need lend deed,mallets and marker stakes

  5. Alisha Jones says:

    I need land deeds will someone please sell me some thanks

  6. Foxbeat Menyce says:

    Could someone sell me a land deed? I’m wolf girl gamer <3 on hay day 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    Desperately need deeds!!

  8. shiva says:

    i want to exchange my land material with ur barn tools i need barn tools……i will give u land stuff come to my hoo thats is


  9. Karen says:

    I think we should be able to send tom for land deeds an we should be able to sell our fishing gear in our roadside shop too. It makes for happier players 🙂

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