How Do You Get Nails on Hay Day

Getting nails on Hay Day is not that easy to do. Hay Day purposely makes it difficult to get them for free so you have to wait painterly and play a lot before you may get some nails.

nails on hay day

That being said, the more you play Hay Day the better your chances are of getting the nails for free. There are several ways you can get nails on Hay Day but they may take some time.

The first way to answer the question how do you get nails on Hay Day is to buy them with real money or with diamonds that you have found. You have the option to buy a box of nails for real money if you want. This way is the simplest and fastest way to get them; however, who really likes to spend real money on this game.

How To Get Nails On Hay Day

Another way to get nails on Hay Day is to find them in the red mystery boxes. If you see a red mystery box make sure to open it up because no matter what you will get a free prize. You may have to open several red mystery boxes before you get some nails. Just keep at it and be patient and eventually you will get some nails.

red mystery boxes hay day

You can also get nails on Hay Day by playing the wheel of fortune. If you are lucky enough you could land on the spot that gives you free nails. The chance of winning this prize is not the greatest but it could happen.

Have you cleared rocks and other obstacles yet? If not then you are missing out on a chance to get some nails. Just like the red mystery boxes, it may take you a while before you get some nails by clearing out rocks and obstacles; however, after some time you will get some nails.

The last way to get nails is by harvesting crops. Again, this may take some time but eventually you will receive some nails. Well, I hope this how do you get nails on Hay Day page has helped you learn some new ways. Like and share this page so they can also get some nails.

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