How To Add Friends On Hay Day

Do you want to play with your friends on Hay Day? We sure do so we are going to show you how to invite friends. There are several ways on how to add friends on Hay Day but its not the easiest thing to do so we are going to show you how to do that.

how to add friends on hay day

Add Friends on Hay Day

If you want to add friends on Hay Day first check out our Be Friends On Hay Day page. Here you can submit your username on Hay Day for others to add you as a friend. You can also add others from this page that have submitted their username as well.

The first way to add friends on hay day is to follow other farms while playing. Now these farms may not be friends of yours; however, you can make friends by following each other. The more farms you follow the more that will follows yours. If you want to make new friends quickly then follow others right away and interact with them. You can only follow 5 different farms right now so choose the right ones.

You can also add friends on Hay Day by using your facebook. One of the benefits from connecting Hay Day to Facebook is adding friends. You can easily add friends with a couple of clicks.

One last way to add friends is to use your Game Center on your device. Connect to your Game Center on your device and add your friends to play with you. It is very easy to do, anyone can do it.

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16 Responses to How To Add Friends On Hay Day

  1. Bhavya Goyal says:

    Bhaya Goyal’s farm

  2. Bhavya Goyal says:

    Bhavya’s farm

  3. Brianna Knapp says:

    Add me everyone!

  4. SunnylWinston says:

    Please add to your Hay Day friends

  5. JASMIN fARM says:

    Jasmin Farm

  6. Pegah says:

    Pegah’s farm please add me and invite

  7. Rayce Cote's Farm says:

    Add me please

  8. Edwin Bunda says:

    Add me please Edwin’s Bukid and invite.

  9. Casey and Draco's farm says:

    Casey and Draco’s farm Please add me

  10. Tynell says:

    soooo, i want to know how to add someone with out them using facebook.. is this possible and if so how do i do this !!??

  11. tito says:

    Plz add me in hay day

    Tito farm

  12. LaricaB says:

    Add me please

  13. Ak hillbilly says:

    Add me need land deeds mullits an steaks

  14. Donna says:

    Pleas add me donnabsmd

  15. jaymin says:

    Jazz collin’s farm plz add me.

  16. Richard c says:

    Join my group on hayday called
    “Charitable farmers ”
    This is a group designed to help each other out on orders expansions and growth

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