How To Get Marker Stakes On Hay Day

A Marker Stake on Hay Day is a rare item needed to expand your farm, fishing area and town. Many people have been asking how to get Marker Stakes on Hay Day so we are going to show you a few tips for you to use.

hay day marker stakes

These tips will better your chance at getting Marker Stakes so you can expand your farm or fishing area. Everyone wants to keep building on to there farm but the one thing standing in your way is a Marker Stake.

Like any other rare item, it can be difficult to acquire a Marker Stake so you always need to keep a look out.

One way you can get a Marker Stake is by harvesting crops. Since wheat is the fastest crop to harvest we suggest you to plant a bunch of wheat all at once and harvest it. This way you can keep getting free items quickly and hopefully one of them will be a Hay Day Marker Stake.

If you plan on harvesting a lot of wheat all at once, you will have to sell it at your roadside shop or use it to build different items such as feed or bread. Otherwise, you will have to much and it will take up all your space in the silo.

Another way to get Marker Stakes on Hay Day is to keep an eye on the newspaper ads. Often, other players will sell a rare item like this in the newspaper ads to get some quick cash.

We don’t recommend you to use your diamonds to buy Marker Stakes because this is just a waste. Instead, wait patiently for the Marker Stakes and keep saving your diamonds for something more important.

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  1. nanay says:

    I can’t get marker stake .. pliss for hayday

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