Hay Day Neighborhood Derby Cheats

Hey guys, there is a new Hay Day event added to the game from the recent update called the Neighborhood Derby.

The Neighborhood Derby is a great way for you and the players in your neighborhood to collect great rewards by completing Derby Tasks.

Derby Tasks work just like other normal activities just as completing boat orders or truck orders. You just click on the Neighborhood Derby, pick a task and complete it.

hay day neighborhood derby

Once your neighborhood completes enough Derby tasks you will unlock a column of horseshoes which will reveal great prizes for all of you.

Your are also competing against other neighborhoods and if you finish in the top you will get even greater rewards at the end.

If you love receiving rewards then you need to participate in the Neighborhood Derby. You have to be a level 31 to unlock the Neighborhood.

New Hay Day Update The Neighborhood Derby

I love when new Hay Day updates come out because we always get something new from it and this time it is a new Neighborhood Derby.

The new Neighborhood Derby is an event that takes place in your neighborhood. Now you can claim and complete Derby stand tasks to increase you own neighborhood score on Hay Day.

Tasks work just like any other normal activity on Hay Day so its truly a win win for you. For completing these Derby Tasks you will receive awesome awards for both friendly and cooperative events.

Also in the new Hay Day Update are new pets which include a kitty and puppy.  There are also new production Machine and Products which is the new Hat maker to make hats.

Some other stuff included in this Hay Day update are new decorations in the shop and the Spin the Wheel, and now your level increases with every building in Town.

We are very excited for this new update. Please let us know what you think of this update by leaving a comment below.

How To Gain Reputation On Hay Day

Gaining reputation points on Hay Day is a big part of the game. It not only makes your farm more popular but you can also unlock specialty items the more reputation points you have.

So how does reputation on Hay Day work? Well, Hay Day reputation is earned from in town as the player like yourself satisfies any visitor that comes to your place.

hay day reputation points

Reputation is a unique aspect of the game in which helps unlock items and achievements. The reputation points are in the form of red hearts followed by a bar to fill up found at the top of your Hay Day playing screen.

Once you fill up the bar with Hay Day reputation points you will start over and move up one reputation level. Each level will unlock different service buildings, decorations etc.

Hay Day also gives you bonuses for moving up reputation levels. For example, they will give you one diamond per new level from level 3 and on. At level 5, Hay Day will give you 5 diamonds for each new level, and from levels 10 to 20 they will give you 10 diamonds for each new level.

This is why its important to have a higher reputation level because of all the extra bonuses you can get from the game.

Unfortunately, you can’t get any reputation points until you unlock the town at level 34. If you are not a level 34 then keep working your way up to it and eventually you will be able to gain reputation points.

New Hay Day Supply Shortage Event

There new Hay day Supply Shortage event started today and Hay Day needs your help to reach it’s goals.

Before you participate in the global Supply Shortage event you need to reach your personal goals first.

It appears you need to fill two truck orders before you can more forward with the event.

hay day truck delieveries

To participate in this event you have to fill as many truck orders as you can before time runs out.

The more truck deliveries you make the more rewards you will receive from Hay Day.

Login to your Hay Day account right now to get started and to help the community reach its global goal!

How To Fish On Hay Day

Not only is Hay Day a farming game but you can catch fish as well to get fish fillets.

Before you can fish on Hay Day you need to do a couple things first. Don’t worry we will explain everything to you right on this page.

fishing on hay day

Hay Day fishing can be a fun way to catch free food to make other needed products on your farm such as the Fish Burger.

In order to go fishing on Hay Day you have to be a level 27 and have 35,000 coins to fix the fishing boat.

It will take 3 days to repair the fishing boat before you can use it to fish.

Once the boat is repaired you have to make lures to catch the fish. The lures are made from the Lure workbench with different colored tickets.

When you have a lure ready click on your tackle box and select which one you want to use to go fishing. Next, click on an open fishing spot and wait.

To catch the fish you have to keep it within the circle until the fish jumps out of the water. For every fish you catch you will get a fillet and a diamond.

To receive your free diamond click on the fish book and find the fish you  just caught.