Update New Ducks and Feather Products

Yes, there is a new Hay Day Update and it brings a lot of big surprises. This may be one of the biggest updates Hay Day has done in a long time.

There are so many new things that come with this update that you are truly going to be surprised. So what exactly comes with this new Hay Day update? Don’t worry we have an entire list of the new products and items that are now on Hay Day.

Hay Day Update Added Ducks

Here are the list of things that are included in the new Hay Day update.

  • Winter theme including exclusive decorations and new events
  • Ducks and the new Duck Salon to the fishing area.
  • New feather products
  • New Mid – level rewards
  • Tap your XP – level star icon to see upcoming content for your next level
  • Expanded fishing area and 2 new fishing spots including 3 new fish
  • New town visitor checklist board on the farm
  • Additional neighborhood boat crate help

There is also much more added in the new update. To find out what else is new login to your Hay Day account and download the new Hay Day update.

How To Make a Fish Burger On Hay Day

You will have to wait awhile to make Fish Burgers on Hay Day because your farm needs to be a level 27.

To make Fish Burgers on Hay Day you have to first unlock the BBQ Grill at level 9. The BBQ Grill only costs 730 coins and takes 8 hours to build.

hay day fish burger

Next, you have to work your way up from level 9 to level 27 and that is a big jump to make. However, once you are a level 27 then you can make your favorite fish burger on Hay Day.

How To Make a Fish Burger On Hay Day

Each fish burger takes two hours to produce and as it appears it comes with cheese and lettuce. This does really sound like a delicious sandwich to eat.

To produce the fish burger you have to catch two fish (it requires 2 fish fillets) grow one chili pepper and bake two loaves of bread.

Once you have all the ingredients just drag the fish burger over the BBQ Grill and wait. Yummy, now you know how to make a fish burger on Hay Day!

How To Mine For Diamonds On Hay Day

The biggest question lately for Hay Day players is how to mine for diamonds on Hay Day. If you have never mined for diamonds, gold, platinum or silver than pay attention to this helpful article.

In order to mine for resources like diamonds your farm has to be a level 24. Great news for you, the Hay Day Smelter unlocks at level 24 as well so once you get some resources from mining you can turn them into bars.

mine for diamonds on hay day

Now when you get to level 24 the mine doesn’t automatically open. Instead you have to fix the mine before you can use it and this takes 1 day and 11 hours to rebuild.

You can’t master the mine on Hay Day like you can on other producing buildings since it produces instantaneously.

To mine for diamonds you need one of four pieces of equipment. You can either use the pickax which mines five times, the shovel which mines four times, the TNT barrel which mines three times or the stick of dynamite which only mines two times.

To use these items on the mine, tap the mine with your finger and drag one of the four items over it. The mine will automatically be mined when you drag the piece of equipment over it.

You won’t get diamonds from the mine every time so don’t get mad if you don’t get one. The chances of getting diamonds every time are very slim but you will eventually be rewarded with them if you stick with it.

How To Make Wooly Chaps on Hay Day

Here is the complete guide to teach you how to make Wooly Chaps on Hay Day.

To unlock the Wooly Chaps on Hay Day you first need to be at level 21. The Wooly Chaps are made from the Sewing Machine which can be bought when you turn a level 19.

hay day wooly chaps

The hay Day Sewing Machine costs 4,500 coins to build and takes 20 hours of construction before you can sew any clothing items from it.

Once you have the Sewing Machine and are a level 21 then you are ready to make Wooly Chaps. The ingredients you need to make this particular item are 1 cotton fabric and 3 wool.

If you have the required ingredients to make the Wooly Chaps then you can select the item but you will have to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes for it to be completed.

To get the cotton fabric for the chaps you need to harvest at least 3 pieces of cotton from the field and then make it into the cotton fabric using the Loom machine.

To get the wool needed for the Wooly Chaps you just have to trim it off of the sheep when it is ready.


Hay Day Halloween Pumpkin Event

It is Halloween season and Hay Day is celebrating it with their new Hay Day Halloween Pumpkin event.

This event is similar to others in that they need your help to fill special orders. As you have probably guessed it, this event involves pumpkins.

hay day halloween pumpkin event

The demand for Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Soup is very high right now and they need you to help fill the orders. Halloween has everyone wanting these two products but there are not enough people making them to fill the demand.

To participate, make Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin soup and then click on the event board to fill the order. You will be payed for your time and for the items.

You will also get special prizes for filling your personal event goals. To reach the first milestone you need to make at least 5 of the pies or soups.

Good luck with your orders and we hope that you contribute to the global community so everyone can get free prizes. We love Halloween and are participating in this event.