How To Get Bolts On Hay Day

Bolts are a very important item in Hay Day if you are looking to expand your barn and grocery store. Simply put, if you don’t have any Hay Day bolts you will not be able to expand your farm.

hay day bolt

In Hay Day you may notice that it is easier to get certain items; however, we regret to tell you that bolts are not one of them.

There are several ways you can get bolts on Hay Day but remember that they are still considered a rare item so you may not get one for a long time.

Three ways you can acquire a bolt is either by harvesting crops, purchasing them from the roadside shop or buy them with your diamonds.

To speed up the process of harvesting crops plant a bunch of wheat because they only take 2 minutes to harvest. If you do this, you will need to sell the wheat in your roadside shop or it will take up to much space in your silo.

You should always be looking in the newspaper ads for rare items like the Hay Day bolt. Another player may have extra bolts in which he or she will sell them in the newspaper. We have bought a few rare items buy constantly looking in the newspaper ads.

We don’t recommend you to use your diamonds to buy bolts on Hay Day but if you really need to then go ahead and do it. You can always get more diamonds by watching videos or by downloading our Hay Day Diamonds Hack.

You can also get a bolt randomly in the mystery box. Mystery boxes appear in a random location on your farm and other players’ farms through out the game. Just press on the box to open it. Who knows, you may just get lucky and get a bolt!

Like we said, Hay Day bolts are very rare to come by but if you stick to these three tips you should have no problem getting some for your farm. Good luck my fellow Hay Day players.

Hay Day Visitor Bonus Event 1

Every weekend, Hay Day puts on a special event and this weekend we have another good one for all of you Hay Day players. This weekend is the Visitor Bonus event.

This event pushes you to meet and add friends and to bring visitors to your farm because you can get double the price.

hay day visitor bonus

The Visitor bonus means that the organic food is in style and people who come to your farm are willing to pay double the price for it.

For each organic product that you sell you will earn double the coins for it. That means you should start producing products that you can sell for a lot of coins.

I don’t know about you, but I have already started producing stuff so I can make a lot of money this week. Once you have something you want to sell don’t forget to put on sale at your roadside shop.

You can also advertise your items as well to get people to come to your farm. Right now this would be a great strategy for you to do.

Hay Day Update Bees Added

There is a new Hay Day update that you will all enjoy. Now on Hay Day you can get buzzy little bees on the farm.

hay day bees
This is one of the coolest updates that Hay Day has done for awhile. If you enjoy making honey by harvesting bees then you will love the new update.

With this new Hay Day update you can raise up to 12 bees. The bees will collect nectar from the planed nectar bushes on the farm.

After some time they will harvest honey combs for you in which you can sell on the market.

Along with the new update, there is a new honey extracting production machine to produce the honey that your bees harvested. Download the new update and start harvesting honey today.

You can create various honey products with your existing machines that have been around on Hay Day already.

How To Cheat On Hay Day

Learn how to cheat on Hay Day with these simple steps and tips. Hay Day is a fun game, but can be time consuming. There are cheats that you can use to get free items and to speed up the building process.

Below we will show you some tips that will help you get ahead on Hay Day and then if you really want to cheat on Hay Day we will tell you how to download our Hay Day Hack for free items and diamonds.

how to cheat on hay day

If you need items such as duct tape, land deeds, maker stakes etc. you should be looking in the newspaper ads. Often, either Hay Day will have a deal to buy an item for some diamonds or you will find other players list an item in the ads.

Always look in the ads to get some cheap items that you may need. Another way to get items quickly is by planting a lot of wheat at once. The more you harvest the more items you will uncover. Wheat only takes a couple minutes to harvest so you can get items quickly this way.

If you really want to cheat on Hay Day then we recommend downloading our Hay Day hack for free. This hack will give you unlimited diamonds in which you can spend on anything you want, including speeding up the building process of a product.

The Hay Day hack will also allow you to get one free item per day of your choice. So if you really need duct tape or a land deed you can enter that into the hack to get it.

Like we said, the Hay Day hack works great if you want to build a huge farm quickly. It allows you to by pass the time it takes for everything by using your diamonds.

Truck Delivery Bonus Event September 5

Hey all you Hay Day gamers. There is a special event this weekend on Hay Day and it is the Truck Delivery Bonus. What this event means is that you can earn double the reward you would receive by completing truck deliveries.

hay day truck delivery bonus

You have just over 3 days to complete as many truck deliveries as you can. Right now there is a shortage in town and they need your help to deliver special items.

This event will give you double coin rewards for every delivery. To find an order that needs filled click on the pin board in front of the house. There will be a bunch of different orders for you to complete.

If you have unlocked the boat orders don’t forget to keep filling those as well because you can get a lot of points by completing consecutive orders as well. The more orders you fill the more money you will get and the higher you will get on the leader boards.

Well, don’t wait any longer. Login to Hay Day and start completing those truck orders so you can bank some real coin.