Hay Day Game Cheats

If you play Hay Day a lot like me then you know its tough to get the items you want. For that reason, we have put together some Hay Day game cheats that you can take with you the next time you play the game.








The makers of Hay Day purposely make it difficult to get specialty items; however, for that reason many people start looking for Hay Day game cheats. Below you will find a couple cheats that will help you get diamonds and will also allow you to get the right items from Tom.

These Hay Day game cheats are similar but used in two different ways. The first cheat is for the diamonds. This cheat will allow you to mine for diamonds until you find the perfect diamond that you want to keep without losing your tools. It works best when you use your shovel; however, you can also use this cheat with dynamite.

The second of the Hay Day game cheats works when you interact with Tom. If you don’t like what Tom has brought you and you wanted something else you can use this cheat to have him go back and bring different items without spending any diamonds.

To get these cheats, check out our Hay Day cheats page here. On this page we have carefully explained how to perform the cheats. If you have any questions at all please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

How To Get a Plank In Hay Day

Finding ways on how to get a plank in Hay Day are pretty hard to do. There are several ways on how to get a plank but all of them take time and you have to be pretty lucky. The matter of the fact is that Hay Day made it tough for you to get a plank so you play longer.

The more you play Hay Day the better your chances are at getting or finding one. Below we will show you some ways in which you can get a plank in Hay Day so you can move on to getting the next item.

plank hay day

To start, you can get a plank by harvesting your crops and your animals. After your harvest your animals and crops you will receive small rewards. Though your reward can be anything from diamonds, to nails to a duct tape there is still a small chance you can get a plank here.

You might not get a plank your first time or your tenth time but you may eventually get lucky enough to get one. Keep harvesting your crops and animals to earn your chance.

You can also keep an eye out for planks found in the newspaper. Make sure to check your newspaper often as there are items sometimes showing up here. It is a good way to get an item you need for some type of small payment.

Have you been finding treasure chests at all? Locating hidden treasure chests is another way for you to get a plank on Hay Day. This is the same as harvesting in terms of having a small chance to get a plank. However, the more treasure chests you find the more chance you have to get a plank.

If you have enough diamonds saved up in the game you can always use them to just buy a plank. A plank will cost you 8 diamonds but if you have a lot of them it could be a small price to pay for you to move on to growing your farm.

Though this may not happen often you can always check to see if other players are selling a plank. They could be selling one because they don’t need the item. If you find one for sale you may save some money by purchasing it from another player rather then from the game itself.

Hay Day New Update 1.17.94

There is a new Hay Day update for all of you Hay Day players. This Hay Day update was a big one to with lots of changes.

There has been several updates to Hay Day already but this one is even bigger.Below is a list of all the changes that were made to the game and I think your going to like some of them.

hay day app

Hay Day Update

The biggest feature in this update that you will like is the land expansion. You can now expand your farms to be even bigger then before. That sounds amazing. How big is your farm?

What Else Is New With Hay Day

The Smoothie Mixer production machine now lets you create healthy green, yogurt and berry smoothies. Yummie!

The Andalusian pet donkey completes the beloved donkey family. Some even say she might be the most curious of your farm animals so please forgive her if this occasionally tires her out.

You also get more decorations to customize your own farm even more, including rose fences to keep your animals in and they come in six different colors. Also, four different new paths and a new rose arch.

Even More Changes

If you want to learn about someone and their farm all you have to do is visit them and click on their neighborhood house. You can also request to joni the neighborhood here as well. The last part of the update to share with you is that now the message counter on the chat will always show you the correct amount of messages.

Stay tuned here as they say the next Hay Day update is going to be the biggest in Hay Day history. We will have it right here so make sure to come back often and see what else is new.

How Do You Get Nails on Hay Day

Getting nails on Hay Day is not that easy to do. Hay Day purposely makes it difficult to get them for free so you have to wait painterly and play a lot before you may get some nails.

nails on hay day

That being said, the more you play Hay Day the better your chances are of getting the nails for free. There are several ways you can get nails on Hay Day but they may take some time.

The first way to answer the question how do you get nails on Hay Day is to buy them with real money or with diamonds that you have found. You have the option to buy a box of nails for real money if you want. This way is the simplest and fastest way to get them; however, who really likes to spend real money on this game.

How To Get Nails On Hay Day

Another way to get nails on Hay Day is to find them in the red mystery boxes. If you see a red mystery box make sure to open it up because no matter what you will get a free prize. You may have to open several red mystery boxes before you get some nails. Just keep at it and be patient and eventually you will get some nails.

red mystery boxes hay day

You can also get nails on Hay Day by playing the wheel of fortune. If you are lucky enough you could land on the spot that gives you free nails. The chance of winning this prize is not the greatest but it could happen.

Have you cleared rocks and other obstacles yet? If not then you are missing out on a chance to get some nails. Just like the red mystery boxes, it may take you a while before you get some nails by clearing out rocks and obstacles; however, after some time you will get some nails.

The last way to get nails is by harvesting crops. Again, this may take some time but eventually you will receive some nails. Well, I hope this how do you get nails on Hay Day page has helped you learn some new ways. Like and share this page so they can also get some nails.


Using Hay Day cheats and tips can save you time and money when playing Hay Day.With our Hay Day cheats and tips you can upgrade your farm and get unlimited supplies quickly.

hay day app

To download this game is free; however, you can end up spending a lot of money on specialty items if you are not careful. Our goal is to provide you with some helpful cheats and tips so that you don’t have to spend a dime while playing this game but can still become successful.

Hay Day Cheats

The first tip is to never run out of seeds while playing the game. Every crop that you plant in the field will give you two crops of the same kind in the silo when harvested. As good as this sounds, it is very tempting to plant all your seeds from the silo to harvest. However, if you do this, you will run out of crops which will cost you in the future.

hay day seeds

You want to make sure you always have enough crops to last you in the future. If you don’t you will have to waste your precious diamonds that you found on new crops. As your farm continues to grow you will need a constant supply of crops on hand. Make sure to always have a good stock on corn, wheat, soybeans and other feed for the future.

The second Hay day cheat or tip is to plant slow crops at night or when you are busy and can’t play the game for awhile. There are some crops that grow and are ready to be harvested within a few minutes and there are other crops that take hours to harvest.

hay day plant crops

You should plant the slow growing crops such as the pumpkins, and indigo right before you go to bed or when you are busy at school or work. You should use this same stratgic play when it comes to livestock and finished goods. Produce your livestock or finished goods that take a long time right before you go to bed, are at school or at work. If you do this, then when you are free your crops, livestock or finished goods will be ready.

Another is to not let visitors bother you. When you are playing Hay Day you will have some visitors come and stop by at your farm. Don’t be so quick to help these people out. Most of the time visitors are looking to buy some of your goods for under value. This means they will try to get a deal from you to get your goods. The only way I sell my goods to visitors if it is at the right price and if only I have an abundance of a specific item.

hay day visitors

You should also use your roadside stand to your advantage. This is where you can sell your goods for a reasonable price. To get ahead of the market, check your newspapers to see what your friends are selling and sell those items for less money.

hay day roadside stand

The best Hay Day cheats we can give you is to reload the game to refresh the newspaper every day.  The newspapers show the current deals that other Hay Day players are taking advantage of. If you quit the game entirely, you can refresh the newspapers so you know exactly what is going on in the the market.

This doesn’t mean you just exit out of the game. No, you must quit the game entirely including the active memory. Erase the game from your device, then download again and you will see a brand new newspaper with updated deals on the market.