Hay Day Pillow

The Hay Day pillow is one of the latest additions to the Hay Day products category and it appeared on Hay Day in the December 2014 update.

Don’t get to excited; however, because your farm needs to be a level 51 before you can unlock the Hay Day pillow.

The Sewing Machine is responsible for producing the pillows and it takes three hours to complete.

Hay Day Pillows

The ingredients that you need to produce the Hay Day pillow are 2 units of cotton fabric and 3 feathers.

To get the cotton fabric all you have to do is harvest it in your fields. You can get the feathers from the ducks in which are unlocked at level 50.

To get feathers you place the ducks in the Duck Salon and wait until it is finished.

So if you are a level 51 have fun producing the Hay Day pillows. You will be one of the first ones to produce them so you could get a lot of money by selling the product.

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