Hay Day Achievements

Hay Day achievements are a way to earn experience points and to get diamonds or gems. To unlock the achievements you have to be a level 6 in Hay Day.

To locate the achievements click on the white house and they will pop up on the screen. You can then look at all of them and see which ones you want to complete first for diamonds.

hay day achievements

There are a total of 108 Hay Day achievements to complete in 36 categories. You can complete the achievement three times. The first time you complete it you will get a green ribbon and will earn 1 diamond.

The second time you complete the Hay Day achievement you will get a blue ribbon and two diamonds. The third time you complete it, you will receive a red ribbon and three diamonds.

Some categories give you more diamonds when you complete them. For example, the Boat Score Hunter achievement will give you 50 diamonds so make this one a priority to complete. Imagine what you can do with 50 diamonds.

Hay Day Achievements

Below are the 36 categories to complete in Hay Day. Some are easier than others so you may want to start with those first.

Beep Beep Achievement

Complete 2000 truck deliveries to complete this.
level 1 – 20
level 2 – 500
level 3 – 2000

Patronage Achievement

Sell goods to visiting customers 2500 times.
Level 1 – 8
Level 2 – 200
Level 3 – 2500

Cha-Ching Achievement

Make 25000 coins in sales at your roadside shop.
Level 1 – 200
Level 2 – 5000
Level 3 25,000

How To Get an Axe In Hay Day

This article is going to show you how to get an axe in Hay Day without having to spend real money on getting one.

The axe is an important tool in Hay Day and you need it to clear out the smaller trees on your yard. In order to create space as your farm gets bigger you will need to take down trees ( both big and small), blow apart rock an blow up boulders.

hay day axe tool

To get rid of the smaller trees you will need the axe. There are several different ways to acquire an axe in Hay Day. Below are all the different ways you can go about getting one. Don’t forget, you will need a several of them to clean the entire area of small trees.

How To Get an Axe in Hay Day

1. You should first look in the side road Newspaper ads for a cheap discounted prize on axes. Sometimes, other players are selling extra tools that they don’t need. This is a good place to start looking for an axe.

Don’t by any means use your diamonds to buy an axe. There are many ways you can get this special tool so you don’t have to use your diamonds, save them.

2. When you gain experience points you work your ways towards uncovering a tool. A lot of times you can get an axe by gaining experience points. To gain experience points fast plant a ton of wheat and harvest it. The more you harvest the more likely you are to uncover a tool like the axe. If you have an abundance of wheat sell in your roadside stand to other players.

3. Have you used Tom the errand runner yet? If you really can’t find any axe tools to buy then you can hired Tom to go on a run for you and find some. He will find all the other players who are selling the axe tools and find the best deal for you. Watch out though because you may have to use your diamonds to use him for a couple days.


How To Get Free Diamonds On Hay Day

This article is to show you hot to get free diamonds on Hay Day. Diamonds are a very important resource on this game because they can speed up the growing process of your farm.

With diamonds you can do just about anything you want on Hay Day. Diamonds can buy you certain tools that you may need to expand your farm or even speed up the process of making certain types of food and or feeding.

Even though diamonds are great to have it can be difficult to find them or get them. So below we are going to show you some ways you can get free diamonds on Hay Day so you can grow you farm quicker.

How To Get Free Diamonds on Hay Day

You can watch our video below on ways to get free diamonds if you don’t want to read the text. The first way you can get free diamonds is by finding the hidden boxes around the world of Hay Day.

You can find the hidden boxes not only on your property but other’s as well. To find a box, click on your mailbox and then click on an add. This will take you to that person’s farm. Now look around his or her farm to locate a hidden box. You can sometimes get a diamond by opening the box.

Another way to get free diamonds on Hay Day is to look for a movie ticket next to your mailbox. If you see a ticket, click on it to open it up. You will be asked to watch a short clip (usually only about 15 seconds long) for a diamond. If you click yes, it will take you to the ad and then will allow you to collect your free diamond. Some ads are longer and you can sometimes get a couple diamonds this way.

A third way to get free diamonds is to complete the different achievements. To view the different achievements for diamonds click on the house. When you click on the house a small pop up window will appear with the entire list of tasks you can complete for diamonds. Once you complete those your reward will be some diamonds.

Don’t forget, that you can also mine for diamonds as well. Unfortunately, you have to be a level 24 before you can mine for diamonds. That means you have to put in a lot of work with Hay Day before you can get to this level.