Hay Day is a fun game that lets you do the farming you have always wanted to do. If you want to take care of animals, milk cows, find diamonds in the ground and a bunch of other fun things then this game is for you. We are going to give you some great Hay Day cheats that you can use to get free diamonds and other fun things.

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The cheats we are going to share with you were found from our own team while playing Hay Day. These are fun cheats that will allow you to get some free diamonds to spend on items that you need.

Find Diamonds

While playing Hay Day you get the chance to mine for diamonds but sometimes it takes awhile and you can lose your shovel if you don’t know the Hay Day cheat. The first step you need to make is to zoom into the mine area where you want to mine for diamonds then exit out of the game. Now go to your device’s settings and switch “airplane mode” to on and then enter back into the Hay Day game.

Next, walk over to the mine where you want to find diamonds and start digging with your shovel. If you don’t find any diamonds that you want to keep then stay in the game until you are disconnected from it. Then exit out of the game again and switch your “airplane mode” off.  When you enter the game again you will notice that you still have your shovel.

hay day cheats


If you end up finding a good diamond while digging right away then exit the game before you get disconnected and turn the airplane mode off. You will then keep the diamond that you found. This cheat lets you keep mining for diamonds if you can’t find a good one without losing any of your tools.

Hay Day Cheats for Tom

This cheat will also work with Tom bringing items back for you. Again, enter the game and zoom into Tom then leave the game and turn your “airplane mode” on. Next, open up Hay day and wait for Tom to bring back items. If he does not bring back items that you want then wait for the game to disconnect you. If he does; however, bring back items that you like then accept the items and leave the game right away to turn off the “airplane mode”.