Hay Day achievements are a way to earn experience points and to get diamonds or gems. To unlock the achievements you have to be a level 6 in Hay Day.

To locate the achievements click on the white house and they will pop up on the screen. You can then look at all of them and see which ones you want to complete first for diamonds.

hay day achievements

There are a total of 108 Hay Day achievements to complete in 36 categories. You can complete the achievement three times. The first time you complete it you will get a green ribbon and will earn 1 diamond.

The second time you complete the Hay Day achievement you will get a blue ribbon and two diamonds. The third time you complete it, you will receive a red ribbon and three diamonds.

Some categories give you more diamonds when you complete them. For example, the Boat Score Hunter achievement will give you 50 diamonds so make this one a priority to complete. Imagine what you can do with 50 diamonds.

Hay Day Achievements

Below are the 36 categories to complete in Hay Day. Some are easier than others so you may want to start with those first.

Beep Beep Achievement

Complete 2000 truck deliveries to complete this.
level 1 – 20
level 2 – 500
level 3 – 2000

Patronage Achievement

Sell goods to visiting customers 2500 times.
Level 1 – 8
Level 2 – 200
Level 3 – 2500

Cha-Ching Achievement

Make 25000 coins in sales at your roadside shop.
Level 1 – 200
Level 2 – 5000
Level 3 25,000