The Hay Day boat is a great way to complete orders to make a lot of money and earn vouchers. Don’t get confused with the Hay Day boat and the fishing boat.

The boat dock is available to players who have achieved a level 17 status. To repair the dock you need to save up 14,000 coins and wait three full days to complete the repair.

hay day boat

Once the dock is repaired boats will stop at the dock every four hours. Each boat will contain a unique shipping order that you will have to fill. There are usually six different boxes in each order that you will have to complete.

Hay Day Boat

When the boat orders are completely filled you will get what is called a boat voucher. You have 17 hours and 6 minutes to fill the boat orders.

Each boat order has six crates asking for either three different items or a massive order of an item depending on the player’s level. You may see an order asking for two crates full of bacon, two crates full of cheeseburgers and two crates full of pancakes.

hay day boat orders

In order to gain experience points and a voucher for shipment you must complete every crate. If you fill a single crate you will be rewarded with a specified amount of coins and experience points.

If you can’t fill an order you can flag a crate to request help from other players. When a player comes to your farm he or she will see that flag and can then decide to help fill your order. You can flag up to three crates per boat.

Hay Day Boat Cheats and Tips

When the boat dock is repaired make it a priority to fill every boat’s order even if this means you have to purchase items from the newspaper. Most of the captain achievement requires players to complete consecutive boat orders.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other players. If you can’t fill a crate then put a flag on it to get help form others. Try to get as many friends possible on Hay Day so if you do need help it will be easier to fill the order.

If you do flag a crate then you should advertise a popular product on the newspaper ads so others can find you. If you advertise in the newspaper while flagging an item there will be an explanation mark next to your name on the ad.

Help others out as much as you can. You will gain a lot of friends and followers this way and when it’s your turn to ask someone for help they will be more likely to help you out.