If you play Hay Day a lot like me then you know its tough to get the items you want. For that reason, we have put together some Hay Day game cheats that you can take with you the next time you play the game.








The makers of Hay Day purposely make it difficult to get specialty items; however, for that reason many people start looking for Hay Day game cheats. Below you will find a couple cheats that will help you get diamonds and will also allow you to get the right items from Tom.

These Hay Day game cheats are similar but used in two different ways. The first cheat is for the diamonds. This cheat will allow you to mine for diamonds until you find the perfect diamond that you want to keep without losing your tools. It works best when you use your shovel; however, you can also use this cheat with dynamite.

The second of the Hay Day game cheats works when you interact with Tom. If you don’t like what Tom has brought you and you wanted something else you can use this cheat to have him go back and bring different items without spending any diamonds.

To get these cheats, check out our Hay Day cheats page here. On this page we have carefully explained how to perform the cheats. If you have any questions at all please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!