Even though the neighborhood on Hay Day is a feature where every player works together to reach their goals, there are certain roles to help manage the entire group.

Below are all the different Hay Day neighborhood roles that you can fall into.

Leaders – Leaders are players who have the ability to invite and edit the entire neighborhood and this is because they are the ones who actually created the neighborhood in the first place. Even though they are in charge of the group, they do have the option to step down and give the co-leader the responsibility.

Let’s not forget that leaders also have the ability to trash a Derby task. Once the leader has trashed a task another one will appear shortly after.

Co-Leaders – Co-Leaders are appointed by the leader or other Co-Leaders and are second in command to the leader. These group of players have the same ability of the leader; however, they can’t demote or kick out the leader but can kick out or demote elders and members.

These group of players can also trash Derby tasks.

Elders – Elders are what holds the entire Hay Day neighborhood together. They are in charge of making sure the neighborhood is respectful and acting nicely towards each other. They have the ability of sending out invitations and accepting requests.

They can too trash Derby tasks.

Members – Members don’t have any special roles in the neighborhood rather than being part of the group. All they do is help work with the group of finishing tasks, and joining in on the discussions in the chat. ┬áMembers can be promoted from the Leader and or Co-Leader if they wish to take on more tasks.

Note, if the Leader leaves the neighborhood without promoting a new leader, the Co-Leader who has been there the longest will automatically be promoted to the Leader.