The Hay Day newspaper is a great way to find items for cheap and a way to sell your extra items you may not need anymore.

Daily Dirt is the name of the fictional newspaper in the world of Hay Day. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to reach a certain level to use it as you would with some other game features.

hay day newspaper

Right after the tutorial, all you have to do is click on the mailbox to access the newspaper. Once you open the paper, you will notice a bunch of different items for sale by other players.

Hay Day Newspaper Cheats

Not only can you buy items through the Hay Day newspaper but you can also advertise your products on there as well. Advertising is a way to ensure that your product for sale is seen by other Hay Day players.

You can choose to advertise your product when you put an item in the roadside shop at your farm. You get a free advertisement every 5 minutes. You can choose to advertise more than one item every 5 minutes but it will cost you one diamond each new advertisement so its not worth it.

Hay Day Newspaper Tips

Here are some helpful strategy tips to be successful at selling your items using the newspaper.

Be sure to choose items that are more likely to sell in the newspaper to get more traffic in your roadside shop. If you have a great item that people really want they will most likely come to your shop as well to buy other items.

Advertise an unpopular item in the newspaper and offer a small discount. People don’t want to pay full prize for anything, so if you have the same product as someone else but you offer it at a cheaper prize then others are more likely to buy it from you.

Don’t list generic products like corn, wheat, eggs, etc. People have plenty of these and it may be hard to sell them. Remember, you only have so many spaces in the shop so you want to move product as quick as you can.

Advertise unique products such as shoes, hats, shirts as much as you can. Every five minutes you should be advertising a new product.

hay newspaper ads

Use the newspaper to find other great farms out there. If there is a product that someone was selling but it was already sold, you can use the newspaper to follow that farm and wait until they sell the product again.

Sell items that take awhile to create. The longer the items take to make the more in demand they are from others because they don’t want to take the time to make it themselves. These items usually go quickly and our popular sellers. You can also get a lot of money for these type of products.