We have the best Hay Day tips for you to use while playing the Hay Day game. Our tips will help you get diamonds, care for your animals, and sell your items on you side stand easier. Lets take a look below to get the best Hay Day tips to help improve your experience with this game.

Hay Day Tips

Coins are the main currency in Hay Day but if you have diamonds they are even more valuable than coins. Every time you level up in the game or are successful fishing you will receive some diamonds. That means its a good idea to go on fishing trips as much as you can. Not only will you get food if you catch a fish but you will get diamonds as well.

hay day tips

Another great tip to get free diamonds is to link your Facebook page to the game. Every so often you will get some free diamonds for being linked up.

Here are some other tips on how you will get free diamonds.

Every time you level up you will get 1 or 2 diamonds so its important to try to level up as much as you can right away to increase your diamond bank account. You will also receive one diamond for just following Hay Day on Facebook.

When you finally reach level 24 on Hay Day you can start mining for diamonds. Check out our Hay Day cheats page to see what to do when you are mining for diamonds so you don’t lose your shovel right away.

You should also be focusing on completing different achievements while playing to get free diamonds. The more achievements you complete the more diamonds you will receive from the game.

Sell Farm Items To Make Money

Having coins in this game is very important if you want to grow a big farm. We are going to provide you with a great tip on what to do to make some extra coin. Here is the tip that you need to do. When you are playing, look at other players’ farmer newspapers and try to find construction equipment for sale. These will be items such as dynamite. When you find them buy them in bulk and sell them as soon as you can.

When you sell the dynamite you should sell each one between 180 and 220 coins. On your last item, advertise it to make people come in and check out your game store. These construction items will sell fast and will put more money in your pocket.

Optimize Your Farming

Another important tip is to optimize your farming strategy by knowing which crops are best suited for the animals. You need to keep your animals fed in order to produce goods. The more you feed them and the better the food, the better the items you get for the market.

As you continue farming in the game make sure you have an even ratio of crops and animals on your farm. Make sure you have enough materials on the farm and that you never run out of anything or you may lose a bunch of money by having to purchase more material from others.

If you have any other Hay Day Tips please share them with use by leaving a comment below. We will then add them to our page.