Hey guys and girls, so today we wanted to write something about the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune and how you can use it to get free items.

The Hay Day Wheel of Fortune is a new feature that allows you to spin once a day for free to get different items.

You can spin it more than once; however, it will cost you a diamond each new spin so its not really worth it if you ask us.

Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

There are a bunch of different items that you can land on while spinning the Wheel of Fortune. That beings said, some items are better than others.

hay day wheel of fortune

For example, you can land on one pumpkin or could land on a star or even diamonds. In this case it would be better to land on the diamonds or a star. If you land on a star you will get free coins and get a free spin. The more times you land on a star the more coins you will get.

To try to land on a specific item you can tap the Wheel of Fortune while it is spinning to slow it down and to stop it. Some times you can get it to stop on the item you want but it’s not that easy.

The more you log in and play Hay Day the more that the Wheel of Fortune will appear at the front of your driveway. You should definitely take advantage of this new game feature ever time it is available.