Have you noticed the non repaired house accross the street on Hay Day, well this is your neighborhood’s house.

At level 18 on Hay Day you can spend money to repair the neighborhood house in which you can either create your own neighborhood from there or join one that is already built.

Look below and follow the proper steps to create your own Hay Day Neighborhood!

Creating a Neighborhood on Hay Day

For only 500 coins you can create your own neighborhood on hay Day. The first thing you need to do is come up with a name. Make sure you take your time and find the best name for your neighborhood as you can’t change this once it is set up.

hay day neighborhood

Next, you can choose an emblem you like to represent your neighborhood, and last but not least you get to choose what time of neighborhood you prefer.

There are three types of neighborhoods:

“anyone can join” which means that people don’t need your permission to join your neighborhood.

“request only” which means that other farmers will have to first send you a request to join your neigborhood, you can accept or deny.

“invite only” this means that only the farmers on Hay Day that get invited by you can join your neighborhood. Keep in mind that you can only send invitations via Facebook and Game Center to friends that are visible on your friends’ bar.

Alright Hay Day farmers, now you can create your own Hay Day neighborhood and start competing in the Derby events! Good luck!