Is your friends list on Hay Day full but you would like to follow other farms instead? If so we are going to show you how to delete friends on Hay Day so you can make new ones.

You may want to delete friends for several reasons. For example, if you are following a farm but they don’t play anymore you don’t want them on your list. It is time to delete them to make room for a new farm or friend.

delete friends on hay day

How To Delete Friends On Hay Day

To delete a friend on Hay Day is not that difficult once you know where to look. You should notice that the farms you are following have a blue frame around them in your friends list in the game. Click on the farm that you don’t want to follow or that you want to delete. Once you are visiting the farm, click on the bookmark button at the top of the page right next to their farm name.

A message box should appear saying that you have just unfollowed this farm. If you want to permanently delete friends who are no longer playing Hay Day then you need to remove them using the Game Center or by Facebook, depending on what app you used to add them in the first place.

Like we said, there is not much to it. We hope this has helped you learn how to delete friends on Hay Day to open up your friends list.