How To Fish On Hay Day

If you are wanting to learn how to fish on Hay Day, you are in the right place. Our goal is to provide you with a guide so you learn to become a professional fisher to not only catch a lot of fish but to catch some big fish as well. This is one of the most fun parts of the game. Even to this day, many players have not caught all the fish in the book. We are getting close, but we haven’t done that either.

Before you can go fishing there some steps to follow and objectives to complete. Don’t worry, we’ve all been at the level you’re at now, we will explain everything to you right on this page.

how to fish on hay day

Steps To Go Fishing On Hay Day

Hay Day fishing can be a fun way to catch free food to make other needed products on your farm such as the Fish Burger. As we mentioned before, you must complete some necessary steps before you can go to the lake and fish. Follow these steps:

  1. Before you can go fishing on Hay Day you have to be a level 27 and have 35,000 coins to fix the fishing boat. It will take 3 days to repair the fishing boat before you can use it to fish. So at this point, just go work on another part of your farm.
  2. Once the boat is repaired you have to make lures to catch the fish. The lures are made from the Lure workbench with different colored tickets.
  3. When you have a lure ready click on your tackle box and select which one you want to use to go fishing.
  4. Next, click on an open fishing spot and wait. To catch the fish you have to keep it within the circle until the fish jumps out of the water. For every fish you catch you will get a fillet and a diamond. The bigger the fish, the harder it is to keep it in the circle. We highly recommend catching some smaller fish first to establish your skill set before you try to tackle your large catch. Otherwise, you will become frustrated with losing fish.
  5. To receive your free diamond click on the fish book and find the fish you  just caught.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way. The fishing book has a bunch of different fish you can catch. If you want to catch all the fish in that book, you better get started!

Fishing is just a small part of this game. If you are wondering how to do a bunch of other things while playing, check out our How To Guide here.