Gaining reputation points on Hay Day is a big part of the game. It not only makes your farm more popular but you can also unlock specialty items the more reputation points you have.

So how does reputation on Hay Day work? Well, Hay Day reputation is earned from in town as the player like yourself satisfies any visitor that comes to your place.

hay day reputation points

Reputation is a unique aspect of the game in which helps unlock items and achievements. The reputation points are in the form of red hearts followed by a bar to fill up found at the top of your Hay Day playing screen.

Once you fill up the bar with Hay Day reputation points you will start over and move up one reputation level. Each level will unlock different service buildings, decorations etc.

Hay Day also gives you bonuses for moving up reputation levels. For example, they will give you one diamond per new level from level 3 and on. At level 5, Hay Day will give you 5 diamonds for each new level, and from levels 10 to 20 they will give you 10 diamonds for each new level.

This is why its important to have a higher reputation level because of all the extra bonuses you can get from the game.

Unfortunately, you can’t get any reputation points until you unlock the town at level 34. If you are not a level 34 then keep working your way up to it and eventually you will be able to gain reputation points.