Finding ways on how to get a plank in Hay Day are pretty hard to do. There are several ways on how to get a plank but all of them take time and you have to be pretty lucky. The matter of the fact is that Hay Day made it tough for you to get a plank so you play longer.

The more you play Hay Day the better your chances are at getting or finding one. Below we will show you some ways in which you can get a plank in Hay Day so you can move on to getting the next item.

plank hay day

To start, you can get a plank by harvesting your crops and your animals. After your harvest your animals and crops you will receive small rewards. Though your reward can be anything from diamonds, to nails to a duct tape there is still a small chance you can get a plank here.

You might not get a plank your first time or your tenth time but you may eventually get lucky enough to get one. Keep harvesting your crops and animals to earn your chance.

You can also keep an eye out for planks found in the newspaper. Make sure to check your newspaper often as there are items sometimes showing up here. It is a good way to get an item you need for some type of small payment.

Have you been finding treasure chests at all? Locating hidden treasure chests is another way for you to get a plank on Hay Day. This is the same as harvesting in terms of having a small chance to get a plank. However, the more treasure chests you find the more chance you have to get a plank.

If you have enough diamonds saved up in the game you can always use them to just buy a plank. A plank will cost you 8 diamonds but if you have a lot of them it could be a small price to pay for you to move on to growing your farm.

Though this may not happen often you can always check to see if other players are selling a plank. They could be selling one because they don’t need the item. If you find one for sale you may save some money by purchasing it from another player rather then from the game itself.