Learning how to get free coins on Hay Day is very important because coins are the game’s main currency. That means you need coins to purchase different items and materials for your farm. Check out further down the page to see how to get free coins on Hay Day.

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Get Free Coins on Hay Day

There are several different ways in which you can get free coins on Hay Day. You just need to know how to get them. Below are some steps that you can take to get free coins while playing.

One of the best ways in the game to earn free coins is to check the newspaper to buy items in bulk. Not only look through your newspaper but other plays’ newspapers as well for construction items such as dynamite and saws.

Look for bulk items of like 5 for around 400 coins. You can then sell them each for a couple hundred dollars earnging more coins then what you payed for. On your last item make sure to put an advert on it so people can see all the items when they visit your store.

Always sell items when you can because you can get a lot of coins. ¬†Any items that you don’t need that are in your barn or silo you should try to sell. This will not only clear room for produce in the future but it will put a lot more coins in your pocket to spend on other stuff. Before you exit out of the game every night try to fill your roadside shop with items you wish to sell. Items that you got from the production buildings are the best to put in the shop to sell as they are the more rare items in the game that people need.

Set Up Multiple Hay Day Accounts

Many people set up multiple accounts to get more coins. They have their main account where they focus on building the biggest farm they can and then they have helper accounts to help build the farm. They use other accounts to buy items and farm materials and give it to the main farm account. This way you can save your coins on your main account for better items in the future.