Here is how to get gift cards in Hay Day so you can get large packages. Gift cards are great to have because you can get free stuff from them.

A lot of you have been asking us how to get gift cards in Hay Day so we are going to explain to you how easy it is if you are willing to help out.

hay day gift cards

Hay Day is all about growing your farm and helping other players out. In return, when you help someone out you can get a free gift card.

How To Get Gift Cards In Hay Day

To Get gift cards in Hay Day you have to help other people out. You can help them out by filling boat orders or by reviving other player’s trees for them.

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To find a person who needs your help click on the mail box to open up the newspaper advertisement listings. When you scroll through the newspaper and see an ad that has an explanation point next to their name it means they are asking for help.

Click on the ad and take move around their farm to find the explanation point on their farm. You will either see an explanation point on the dock to help fill a boat order or on a tree asking to help revive it.

Just click on it to help and do what it tells you too. Once you help them out, they will send you a gift card for helping them. If you get so many gift cards in Hay Day you can use them to get free stuff including big packages.

You need 30 gift cards to get a big package so start now if you haven’t. This is how Hay Day rewards people for helping others out.