There are several ways on how to get vouchers in Hay day but you just need to know where and how to get them. To get a dog you need a lot more vouchers so you can get him or her.

Vouchers in Hay Day

When it comes to the Hay Day game, there are four different types of vouchers including the green, blue, purple and gold colored ones. Take a look below to find some of the ways to get vouchers.

How To Get Vouchers In Hay Day

Like we said, you can get vouchers in a couple different ways. They are hard to come by sometimes so you need to start collecting vouchers right away when you start the game because you don’t want to wait around trying to find some.

The best ways to get vouchers are by completing the boat deliveries and truck deliveries. For each delivery you get you will get a voucher. Another place where you can get a voucher is by finding them in tool boxes. They will not always be in a tool box but you will sometimes find one in there.

A fun way to get a voucher is by trying to win it on the Wheel of Fortune. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t win a voucher, just keep trying.

If you have checked out our diamonds cheat and have a lot of diamonds in your account then you can use those to purchase vouchers as well. However, we do not recommend wasting your diamonds on vouchers. Keep your diamonds for other items and materials for the future.

How To Get Color Vouchers

From our experience, we have noticed that you are less likely to get the green vouchers if you fill your boat order right away. That means if you are trying to get blue, purple or gold vouchers try filling your boat orders quickly.

We have also found that the most popular vouchers from truck orders are gold and purple. The tool boxes have also given us some purple as well just make sure you don’t use your gems to unlock them because it may be a lot before you get the right color voucher.