Hay Day How To Guide

Welcome to the Hay Day How To Guide. On this page, you will find short introductions on how to do something within Hay Day. Scroll down to what you are looking for and click on the specific “How To” page. We are constantly updating this page as more products, materials and features are added to this fun farming game.

How To Add Friends In Hay Day

Adding friends is one of the most asked questions in the community today. Not only does playing with your friends make this game a lot more fun to play, but you can also help each other grow and manage your farms. Click here to learn how to add friends on Hay day. The more friends you have, the more popular your farm will become and the quicker you can level up! Don’t forget to add us as well!

How To Get a Plank In Hay Day

Another very popular question asked is how to get a plank. Planks as used as a building material and are a very sought after product. However, planks are not always easy to get which can be frustrating to the common player. Lucky for you, we have a short guide that you can follow to better your chances of acquiring some. Click here to learn how to get a plank.

How To Get Duct Tape In Hay Day

Are you struggling to get some duct tape at your farm? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. It’s no wonder that duct tape is such a popular item in this game. Just think about duct tape in the real world, it can be used for a lot of different things! There are some different things you can do to better your chances of getting duct tape. Try them out! Learn how to get duct tape.