The biggest question lately for Hay Day players is how to mine for diamonds on Hay Day. If you have never mined for diamonds, gold, platinum or silver than pay attention to this helpful article.

In order to mine for resources like diamonds your farm has to be a level 24. Great news for you, the Hay Day Smelter unlocks at level 24 as well so once you get some resources from mining you can turn them into bars.

mine for diamonds on hay day

Now when you get to level 24 the mine doesn’t automatically open. Instead you have to fix the mine before you can use it and this takes 1 day and 11 hours to rebuild.

You can’t master the mine on Hay Day like you can on other producing buildings since it produces instantaneously.

To mine for diamonds you need one of four pieces of equipment. You can either use the pickax which mines five times, the shovel which mines four times, the TNT barrel which mines three times or the stick of dynamite which only mines two times.

To use these items on the mine, tap the mine with your finger and drag one of the four items over it. The mine will automatically be mined when you drag the piece of equipment over it.

You won’t get diamonds from the mine every time so don’t get mad if you don’t get one. The chances of getting diamonds every time are very slim but you will eventually be rewarded with them if you stick with it.