You will have to wait awhile to make Fish Burgers on Hay Day because your farm needs to be a level 27.

To make Fish Burgers on Hay Day you have to first unlock the BBQ Grill at level 9. The BBQ Grill only costs 730 coins and takes 8 hours to build.

hay day fish burger

Next, you have to work your way up from level 9 to level 27 and that is a big jump to make. However, once you are a level 27 then you can make your favorite fish burger on Hay Day.

How To Make a Fish Burger On Hay Day

Each fish burger takes two hours to produce and as it appears it comes with cheese and lettuce. This does really sound like a delicious sandwich to eat.

To produce the fish burger you have to catch two fish (it requires 2 fish fillets) grow one chili pepper and bake two loaves of bread.

Once you have all the ingredients just drag the fish burger over the BBQ Grill and wait. Yummy, now you know how to make a fish burger on Hay Day!