Here is the complete guide to teach you how to make Wooly Chaps on Hay Day.

To unlock the Wooly Chaps on Hay Day you first need to be at level 21. The Wooly Chaps are made from the Sewing Machine which can be bought when you turn a level 19.

hay day wooly chaps

The hay Day Sewing Machine costs 4,500 coins to build and takes 20 hours of construction before you can sew any clothing items from it.

Once you have the Sewing Machine and are a level 21 then you are ready to make Wooly Chaps. The ingredients you need to make this particular item are 1 cotton fabric and 3 wool.

If you have the required ingredients to make the Wooly Chaps then you can select the item but you will have to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes for it to be completed.

To get the cotton fabric for the chaps you need to harvest at least 3 pieces of cotton from the field and then make it into the cotton fabric using the Loom machine.

To get the wool needed for the Wooly Chaps you just have to trim it off of the sheep when it is ready.