I love when new Hay Day updates come out because we always get something new from it and this time it is a new Neighborhood Derby.

The new Neighborhood Derby is an event that takes place in your neighborhood. Now you can claim and complete Derby stand tasks to increase you own neighborhood score on Hay Day.

Tasks work just like any other normal activity on Hay Day so its truly a win win for you. For completing these Derby Tasks you will receive awesome awards for both friendly and cooperative events.

Also in the new Hay Day Update are new pets which include a kitty and puppy.  There are also new production Machine and Products which is the new Hat maker to make hats.

Some other stuff included in this Hay Day update are new decorations in the shop and the Spin the Wheel, and now your level increases with every building in Town.

We are very excited for this new update. Please let us know what you think of this update by leaving a comment below.