Here are all the Hay Day products that you can build throughout the game. As you should know, all products are unlocked at a certain level.

Some products unlock early in the game while others won’t unlock until way late in the game.

All the products are listed below and are separated by what type of machine makes them. If you have any questions about the Hay Day products below just click on their individual links to go to their main page.

Hay Day Products

Below are brief descriptions of each product and when they are unlocked. Click the links to learn more about them.

Hay Day Sewing Machine

The Hay Day Pillow is produced in from the sewing machine and takes three hours to complete. This item does not unlock until level 51. To find out how to make the pillows on Hay Day visit Hay Day Pillow here.

Hay Day Duck Salon

The Duck Salon was introduced to Hay Day in the December 2014 update. This is a production building used to get feathers from the ducks you catch. Visit our Hay Day Duck Salon page to learn how and when you can unlock this product.

Hay Day Feathers are produced using the Duck Salon and take a long time to complete. You get the feathers from the ducks you catch in the fishing area using duck traps. Visit our Hay Day Feathers page to learn more about this product and when you can unlock them.