Yes, there is a new Hay Day Update and it brings a lot of big surprises. This may be one of the biggest updates Hay Day has done in a long time.

There are so many new things that come with this update that you are truly going to be surprised. So what exactly comes with this new Hay Day update? Don’t worry we have an entire list of the new products and items that are now on Hay Day.

Hay Day Update Added Ducks

Here are the list of things that are included in the new Hay Day update.

  • Winter theme including exclusive decorations and new events
  • Ducks and the new Duck Salon to the fishing area.
  • New feather products
  • New Mid – level rewards
  • Tap your XP – level star icon to see upcoming content for your next level
  • Expanded fishing area and 2 new fishing spots including 3 new fish
  • New town visitor checklist board on the farm
  • Additional neighborhood boat crate help

There is also much more added in the new update. To find out what else is new login to your Hay Day account and download the new Hay Day update.